ICON WARDROBE is a clothing and accessories brand featuring unique design clothing that become exclusive and special for anyone wearing them.

“It is not for a few, it is for myself only”

ICON WARDROBE features on-off jumpers, sweatshirts, jackets, neckbands and belts stemming from the creative inspiration of Fabrizia Landini without the pressure of a fixed and planned schedule.

The production is driven by inspiration and stylish and trendy projects, beyond the seasonal collection concept. In this respect, we can say that the Brand is first of all the result of a constant research and testing activity.

In addition, ICON WARDROBE offers a real handcrafted product: it is homemade in Italy by experienced seamstresses belonging to our region, still rich in tradition and knowledge passed through generations.

Finally, ICON WARDROBE is refined with details that, as a whole, become an identification mark of a distinctive trend that you can freely wear to stand out without ostentation.