About me

It may be because my mother was a talented stylist, or because I live in Carpi, a town with a long tradition in the art of making hats and clothes, or because when I was a child I used to spend hours drawing clothes and accessories for my dolls. It may be because of all those reasons that fashion has always been the only job I was interested in.

I chose to design clothes because I am a hard worker and I look for satisfaction in what I do. This is my job: designing clothes for brands that value my fine expertise.

For years now I have been working as a freelancer, working with extremely different companies in terms of type, size and history, which challenge my creativity and boldness.

This is why I have decided to start something brand new and totally mine with ICON(25) WARDROBE, by proposing my creations: unique pieces that I design and make with no fixed output or season, and through which I can test my skills, my sensitivity and the return I get.
It is hard to foresee where this new adventure will take me. But I am sure that it will be a very exciting one.